Chrome TV: Google Chrome Extension

I don’t often watch live television over the Internet Pluto TV For mac, I have a Dish Network system in the home and TV’s in three rooms but my computer room is not merely one of them.  When CNN covered the Chilean miner rescue was one of many main times I needed to help keep tabs of live TV while I was working on my computers.  This is where in fact the Chrome TV extension for Google Chrome comes in.  This extension allows you to search for and listen in to live television feeds from over the Internet, I was very happy to notice it found and fed my CNN live over the Internet where I was able to listen in and keep tabs about it while I continued my work.

News, Weather, HBO, Cartoons the Chrome TV toolbar extension for Chrome lists a large number of channels you can tune into live and watch over your Chrome browser.  This is a good way to possess some background noise or feed playing while you multitask and acquire some work done,or if you want to record sports you will find ESPN streaming live as well.

When you install the Chrome TV extension you will dsicover a little TV icon show through to the right hand side of one’s browser URL bar, click this icon and you will dsicover a set of channels present themselves and you also get a search bar to discover a specific television or cable station you are searching for:

You can find local TV stations from all over the world and an instant test showed a large number of television stations from Africa, Asia or Europe.