Ecg Electrodes not to mention Cardiac Care Necessities

If you’re looking for a really simple, quick and cheap way to buy ECG electrodes and other ECG products – look online! Said it before and I’ll continue to say this — the internet merchandisers can ready up pretty much any product you may or would ever need or want. cardiology hospital hyderabad  The suppliers literally can and will meet all of your demands. You simply need to do only a little exploring and find the rest source. But when you do, you are golden! These sites could have numerous medical supplies designed for you depending on that which you are looking for.

Some stores really will just specialize in ECG electrodes and other ECG products like holders, pads, gels, kits, etc. Other stores could have other products as well – like a variety store of sorts. All medical supplies all of the time. Some of the products that can be found on these sites have now been listed below just so you may get a small idea of what’s available:

Stable Base Lead-Lok wet gel electrode – The Stable Base Lead-Lok wet gel electrode utilizes our proprietary non-irritating Potassium Chloride gel. For a lot more than 20 years, the Stable Base Lead-Lok electrode set the standards for Holter recordings. Latex Free.

Stress Testing / EECP/ECP / Cardiac Rehab Electrode – Designed for Stress, Cardiac Rehab, EECP/ECP and other diagnostic procedures. Ag/AgC1, high 10% chloride, wet gel electrodes hydrate the skin and provide fast, clean, crisp ECG tracings. Latest technology in aggressive adhesive helps to eradicate base line shift, artifact or noise.

Telemetry Pouch – The absolute most economical telemetry pouch. It’s large enough to allow for most telemetry transmitters. It consists of white non-woven fabric. It features a soft white neck strap for patient comfort (which can be used over the shoulder) and a Velcro closure. This telemetry pouch is latex free.