Where To Buy New World Gold Safely? A Complete Guide

New World is coming to becoming the greatest and probably the most engrossing MMORPG of 2021. After its recent successful launch, solely on the PC platform, New World’s news spread like a wildfire in a dense forest. Today, in the contemporary, some of the very most renowned streamers of Twitch.tv are streaming New World’s gameplay and are thoroughly engaged in grinding their way up to higher levels— New World captures the classical vibe of MMO gaming which we have always admired and think it is missing in today’s role-playing gaming market. The name speaks for itself, New World comes with a massive map of a supernatural Island called, Aeternum. Players will find themselves washed on its shores after an enigmatic crash on the sea and from there onwards, tens of thousands of adventures await them.

If you’re considering diving into New World’s riveting content, then it is without question positive you will be aiming toward witnessing all of its fun aspects: completing quests, joining a faction, participating in wars, mastering the classless system, going on expeditions, grabbing epic loot, crafting, etc. However, there’s something else, a luxury that may incessantly make you want to pursue it— gold coins. Especially at higher levels. Gold in New World is the currency for buying items and with empty pockets, your avatar will not enjoy the facilities offered nor will she or he be able to purchase high-tier items. Hence, the topic of this guide article will tackle the essence of gold in New World and will inevitably answer your concern of, “Where to Buy New World Gold Safely?”

What Can We Use New World Gold For?
Everything about the game is fairly straightforward—after all, it launched less than a month back. Surely, in time, we shall witness newer uses of Gold in New World as brand-new patches and updates come rolling in. It’s unimpeachable that Amazon games have a whole lot planned. Not to mention, with this kind of swift early success of the game, the developers would be surely motivated new world gold buy. If you’re a starter player in New World, i’d like to clarify right here that at this time, unlike World of Warcraft, you can find no mounts in the game. You travel solely on foot and for fast travel, you have to pay for Azoth. So traveling companions are one thing on that you will not need to spend gold. Secondly, Amazon games did not need the label of “pay to win” attached using their game concurrently with any unfair leveling system. New World does not need leveling boosts as well— no gold will become necessary there as well. With having said that, let us commence with, “what can we use New world gold for?”

~Donating to Company’s Treasury with Gold~

This really is amongst my favorite uses of Gold in New World. To whatever faction you belong to—may it be Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant, you’ll be able to access in addition to donate gold to fellow company members of that particular faction. In simpler words, companies in New World are equivalent to clans or guilds. This generous system of gold donation ensures prosperity amongst all company members in order that many people are ready for war and able to guard against invasions.

~Buying Gear, Weapons, and Potions via Trading Post with Gold~

The trading post is where in actuality the community of New World comes together to bargain. A trading post is virtually much like an auction house found in other MMOs. Here, you can acquire all sorts of goods— all rarity-type armors, lethal weapons, food ingredients, potions, and more. As a player in the game, you will not always have the true luxury of time to be fully equipped. In times of great urgency, you will not forsake important dilemmas and venture out to a crafting/mining trip, nor will you choose to do an expedition to land that certain rare drop. That is why the trading post is a superb shortcut to attaining those items you want (if available) with gold. Players who bid their rarest items can fathom their value; therefore, chances have you been will undoubtedly be overpaying for a certain purchase so that the owner gets a profit—it’s business. Having no gold for important purchases will result in a delay to your Aeternum plans.

~Buying Houses in Different Territories with Gold~

The developers of New World, let me make it clear, had their thinking caps on when choosing the housing content of the game. You see, New World tackles the housing experience in ways no other role-playing game has. But first, let’s quickly summarize the guidelines and regulations of house buying in New World. Your hero needs to acquire an amount 10 standing in this territory where you stand going to really make the purchase. The levels may be earned by completing tasks of the territory. Secondly, once you’ve settled in your brand-new dwelling, you got to pay for taxes to help keep it… “yes, you read it right.”

Now arriving at the exciting part. Imagine throwing a digital party at your own residence. Unusual? Not anymore! New World allows as much as 5-player house parties, a perfect addon for amplifying the wholesomeness of playing with your buddies. You might decorate your house to your liking. Lastly, the greatest perks of purchasing a home in New World is so it grants you extra storage space for items that not have to be carried yet have to be safely kept away and for recall purposes.

To obtain a more in-depth insight on housing, visit: newworld.fandom.com/wiki/Housing

How to Earn New World Gold

Without any further digressing, here are probably the most efficient approaches to earn gold coins in New World— the in-game conventional method…

Complete main and side quests
Run expeditions
Craft and sell those items via trading posts
Take gold from Company’s treasury Capture an opposing faction’s territory and charge hefty tax
Where do You Buy New World Gold?
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