Content Creator Pro An honest Review


Content Creator Pro

OK let me start by stating that i have no technical ability when it comes to designing websites. So, like many, I have gone down the long route of buying nearly all the so called easy softwares for getting your sites up and running, spending in the process in excess of a thousand dollars.

Then I came across Content Creator Pro and what a revelation that was.  onlyfans  In 2 days I went from having a portfolio of nasty looking sites made using far more expensive software, to having what I consider to be 4 professional looking and polished AdSense websites, and the best part is they are now earning money.

Content Creator pro is a server side application that allows you to create professional looking AdSense sites with ease. Installation ran without problem. Configuration is all menu driven, from the look of your site from the included headers and templates right down to the RSS feeds for populating the content portion of the site. The AdSense setup was an absolute breeze just enter you pub code and the software automatically uses it to generate those money earning ads.

Not only is the software one of the most intuitive pieces of software I have been fortunate to use, but the support from Jess the author of the software is second to none. There is an active user forum where you can trade ideas, as well as an elite group that you can join, that will provide you with additional graphics and Content for you sites, although I must state clearly that this is not necessary to produce professional looking sites.

In conclusion I would have to say that this is an excellent piece of software for building AdSense Websites, the RSS feeds and whole template design of the system means anyone can use the system to generate a whole range of websites. Coupled with a user forum and excellent support from the creator Jess Baylon you really can’t fail to succeed