Formaldehyde inside your home: Here is what Find out plus Ways to Secure Well being

Formaldehyde can be used a great deal in manufacturing, primarily being an adhesive or glue to bind materials like laminate wood flooring, fiber board, plywood, etc. It’s also present in high levels in carpet coatings and in cigarette smoke, fumes from fuel burning appliances, kerosene heaters. The important point, however, is that formaldehyde does release a fuel into indoor areas where these materials have already been used. Of late, a Lumber Liquidator’s Chinese flooring product was found release a fairly high quantities of formaldehyde and creating many health concerns.

Best Way to Remove Formaldehyde and VOCs at Home - Smart Air Filters

Should you worry about formaldehyde gas in your indoor air? If you’ve had any of that Chinese laminate flooring installed, yes. Though many of us are subjected to low quantities of formaldehyde on a daily basis, it isn’t something you wish to breathe, since it doesn’t take a lot to reach a point of toxicity. And higher levels will create symptoms like burning, watery eyes, irritated throat, nausea, breathing problems, and new or worsened asthma attacks. Long term, formaldehyde is known to cause nasopharyngeal cancer and myeloid leukemia and no-one needs that. If you have any kind of laminate or hardwood flooring, I would at the very least test the air in your home and find out what is there or not, on your own peace of mind.

If you’re pregnant, you certainly don’t want formaldehyde or some other chemical pollutant in the air you’re breathing, and definitely not as soon as your baby gets here. Formaldehyde gas has been connected to various birth defects, brain damage, deformities, and more. It really isn’t good to breathe, period. Air quality during pregnancy is vital, and some say almost as important as your diet. Great care should be studied to ensure than your indoor air can be as clean as possible, utilising the best home air filtration systems you’ll find with substantial activated carbon filters, HEPA filters, and UV if that’s an option. 除甲醛價錢 The UV light is excellent for destroying airborne bacteria, mold spores, viruses and VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals) in the air that contribute to odors along with a variety of unpleasant health effects.

How to proceed: it is possible to work with a formaldehyde gas detection kit to learn if there is any of that pollutant floating around in your home. A good brand is BHC and it’s under $100. Or, (and this is preferred if you’re pregnant) you can get an air cleaner that is effective at removing gases like formaldehyde, particles, dust mites, VOC’s, etc. A good air cleaner for this purpose could be the Austin HealthMate Plus. It includes a significant number of quality carbon, it’s designed to remove chemicals like formaldehyde and others, along with a medical grade HEPA filter, great warranty, handles 1500 square feet and it’s under $650.

Regardless, if you believe you could have formaldehyde in your home as well as if you’re not sure, at the very least purchase a test kit and find out. You don’t want to get problems in the future from this chemical, and it’s proven to cause issues. If you did have Chinese laminate flooring installed like the sort from Lumber Liquidators, definitely consider getting an air filtration to guard your health. There also seems to be a class-action suit going on with this, so you might want to consult an attorney to learn what your options are.