How to Look after Antique Jewellery


Antique jewellery is a fantastic addition to any jewellery box, with every one representing only a little slice of history and a period over by. Whether you have antique necklaces, rings or brooches, special care needs to be taken so that they’ll continue to be enjoyed and treasured for several years to come.

First thing to remember when looking once you vintage jewellery is so it needs to be stored correctly in order to keep it in good condition. One factor that is necessary to storing items appropriately is ensuring that they’re kept separately form one another, in order to avoid any scratches or damaging tangles.

This really is especially important as it pertains to antique necklaces, as chains can very quickly break if they’re snagged on other things in the jewellery box. antique thread necklace  Giving the items lots of space, you will undoubtedly be limiting the accidental damage that will occur from overstocking your storage container.

It can also be better to store jewellery flat, as materials such as for instance silk in antique necklaces can stretch over time if stored in a hanging position. If necessary, obtain a box specifically for storing the most delicate items in order to ensure their longevity.

Moisture could be one of the most damaging factors for any jewellery, as it could cause metal to corrode or result in pitting. Keep your precious items in a place that is free of damp and moisture, and avoid wearing delicate items to places such as the swimming pool or at the beach in order to keep them in top condition.

Along with this, be careful when cleaning your jewellery, as items that are not fully dry before being placed back storage can suffer from moisture damage. Follow your jeweller’s cleaning instructions carefully to make sure that this is completed correctly and that no damage is caused.

Heat and light may also be extremely damaging to your antique necklaces, rings and brooches, so make sure you store your pieces in a very good place, in addition to one that is moisture-free. Whereas being in direct sunlight can alter the looks of metals and stones, heat make a difference the potency of the glue used to manufacture the piece, and end in stones falling out in clumps of these settings.

Another tip to remember is it is worth keepin constantly your vintage jewellery in soft cloths and pouches, which can protect your items from suffering damage. Although an all natural jewellery box may seem like the perfect choice, some woods can harm items because of the compounds they contain, so ask your jeweller whether your storage container is ideal for your particular jewellery items.

Wrapping each item in its cloth also can protect from the scratches that occur when you can find a lot of items crammed in to a storage container, and signify a number of antique necklaces could be stored next to one another without their chains becoming entangled.

Finally, make sure you keep household cleaning products out of the method of your antique jewellery – and be cautious what you clean your jewellery box with. It goes without saying that the different chemicals in these products can harm both metals and precious stones, so be especially careful about what you let the items enter into contact with.

Keeping antique jewellery in prime condition does not have to be costly or complicated, but it is required to take extra special care of these extra special items. Make sure to keep them far from heat, light and moisture, and keep them separately wrapped up in soft cloths in order to avoid scratches and tangles.