How many different colors are there on Thailand’s roads?

Thailand’s three primary footpath colors


To prevent penalty, before entering Thailand, you must accept the requirements that are specifically written in the legislation. In Thailand, whether you drive your own automobile or car rental you must adhere to the Land Traffic Act. Some people may disregard the colors on the sidewalk, resulting in a fine from the policemen. I’d like to identify the three main colors on the walkway as follows:

1.      Red & White footpath colors

The meaning of red and white colors on the street pathway signal is that automobiles are not permitted to stop and park, whether to pick up and drop off passengers or to temporarily park. The colors red and white are commonly seen on street corners, crossroads, and bends. Furthermore, summoning a public motor, such as a taxi or bus, to stop for pickup in the red and white zones is prohibited. Because it has an impact on overall traffic, such as traffic jams problems, car crashes. Thus, the red and white zone is the high risk area for the accident if having a stop or parking the car.

2.      Yellow & White footpath colors

If you see yellow and white colors on the sidewalk, it implies you can’t park your automobile. However, stopping for pickup passengers in temporary parking is allowed. Meaning, in the yellow and white zone, you can summon a taxi or a Thai autobus. The signal will be visible on the edge of the footpath on the left side of the road, preferably near the bus stop.

3.      Black & White footpath colors

If you see black and white markings on the sidewalk, it means you can park your automobile but you must park close to the road’s edge. However, there are some circumstances when you may be caught by a policeman, such as parking on the side of the road, on semi-trucks or in the middle of the bridge, double parking, and etc. If a policeman displays the no parking symbol, you are not permitted to park. Furthermore, black and white colors assist the driver to see the road edges readily and clearly, allowing them to slow down and be aware of a car accident.


If you break the law, you may get a traffic ticket, be wheel-clamped, and pay the fine. Thus, this is the reason why you need to know the law in Thailand to avoid the waste of time and money. The footpath colors on the road are to reduce the traffic congestion, and reduce accidents.


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