Wonderland Football — Summertime Shift Window Part

The summertime transfer window is poised to create big changes and an overwhelming level of speculation just like it does every year. Below could be the fourth installment of some articles that examines the speculation and the fantasy relevance of every possible move.

David Villa  – Valencia : Villa is one of the top targets this off season as it appears he’s destined to leave Valencia at the end of the year. Valencia’s finances have led identify my window part  many to believe that they can sell off most of the quality players in order to cut payroll and Villa likely will fetch them the absolute most money in return. Villa is just a quality finisher, and paired alongside Fernando Torres, he helped lead Spain to the EURO 2008 title. Villa has caught the eyes of the biggest and most wealthy clubs, and it will be a challenge between them to ascertain where David Villa will end up.

Where He Will End Up: The list has narrowed considerably but really has three or four worthy contenders. Manchester City is involved as they fight and buy any superstar they can with their newly attained limit-less budget. Chelsea has also shown a pursuit yet they seem to be keen to discover a forward similar to the one they’re likely replacing (Drogba) and that role would probably be fitted more for Zlatan than Villa. The 2 biggest teams in Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona, are both in contention as well. Valencia has got the mindset when they sell him, they don’t want to face him, which will make more sense to send him to England. However, it is yet to unfold what will happen but my money is on that Villa will end up somewhere in Spain, his home country.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic  – Inter Milan: Zlatan has been as dominant a striker as could be in Series A in Italy, and has accumulated an array of goals for Inter Milan. However, the rumors have swirled that he is seeking to play somewhere else in the ’09/’10 season and is not content to stay at Inter. This situation is one of the hardest to decipher for there is not a lot of information available as of this time. Inter would need to help keep him for he’s lethal facing goal, however they’ve been discouraged by his performances on the big stage such as for example his lackluster efforts in Champions League games. A striker of his immense quality and capability to complete seemingly impossible efforts at goal will make him a huge target in the off season.

Where He Will End Up: If he does indeed leave Inter, do not be surprised to locate him at Chelsea or Barcelona. With the talk that Drogba will leave Chelsea as of this season’s end, Zlatan is a capable replacement and plays in exactly the same manner that Didier Drogba does. Barca is seeking a physical, tall power forward and Zlatan definitely fits that bill. I’m the only method Inter will retain his services is if you will find no major changes in leading office or for their head coach. Seeing that there is guaranteed to be a shakeup in both areas in the off season, Zlatan is probably headed out and there will be a large bidding war for his efforts.